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May 20, 2020

Having played around the world with Alice Cooper for more than two decades, it’s unsurprising that Ryan Roxie has shared the stage with some legendary names. But in part 2 of our interview, the guitarist left us second guessing some of the big names he claimed to have jammed with.

Who, you ask? Find out in a new episode “Tell The Truth (And A Lie)” - an interview series where musicians share two obscure facts about themselves and one fib that could fool even a diehard fan. Matt and Zach then have to use their music knowledge to determine which 2 facts are true and which is a lie.

And listen to part 1 of our chat with Ryan in “There Goes My Hero” - where the guitarist discussed what encouraged him to finally launch the System-12 Guitar Method, how Alice Cooper inspired his passion for golf, and what it was like to meet his guitar hero Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick for the first time (stream here: Also find out more about Ryan’s upcoming projects at