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Mar 22, 2023

Ticketmaster is no stranger to strong criticism. But the fiascos surrounding rollouts of recent tours by artists like Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen has brought tensions at an all time high - with the Department of Justice launching antitrust investigations into Live Nation, the Senate holding hearings about Ticketmaster's presale operations and resale markets, and even artists like The Cure's Robert Smith publicly demanding a revaluation of "unduly high" ticket prices and fees (mere days before tickets went on sale)... So simply put - what the heck gives with these excessive fees, numerous presales, and dynamic pricing? How did we let a single company gain such an enormous stranglehold on the music industry? Who's to blame? Can anything be done to rectify this? 


That’s what Matt and Zach discuss in the latest episode of “Am I Missing Something?,” a podcast where we analyze popular or unpopular bands, albums, songs or music trends in an attempt to figure out what we seem to be “missing.” The goal isn’t to ridicule, but rather to gain a better understanding of what a majority of fans see or don’t see in something that Matt and Zach simply can’t wrap their heads around.


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